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I couldn’t sleep, had horrendous monthly cycle effects that were debilitating, addicted to Pepsi, a ridiculous perfectionist, and was dealing with neurological issues I had had for a few years. My body does not do well with modern medication, so I was willing to try any means necessary. I kid you not, within a month of doing exactly as Jennie laid out for me (I am a rule follower and am sure I annoyed her with a thousand texts asking if this or that food followed the rule of law), I felt like a completely different person. It motivated me to keep going. Words cannot express how grateful I am to her. Ask anybody who knows me and they’ll tell you what a gem she is... or they’ll tell you how annoying I am talking about how great she is. 🤷‍♀️ Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

She doesn’t claim to have the answer to make our sin-tattered bodies new and whole.... only Jesus can do that. She uses her God-given knowledge and prayer to help these sin-tattered bodies function to the best of their ability in this fallen world, so that we can more effectively proclaim “To you who boast tomorrows gain, tell me what is your life? A mist that vanishes at dawn, ALL GLORY BE TO CHRIST!”

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Bakersfield, CA

Over the last few years I have struggled with resistant weight loss, lack of energy and headaches.  I was addicted to coffee and "needed" it to get me through the day.  After working with Jennifer and following a customized plan she made for me that included recipes, workouts, supplements and times of rest,  my body started to change. In January I joined her Reset group.  I loved the daily plans and the encouragement of being on a plan with others! Working with Jennifer has truly been life changing. I have lost weight, have even energy all day and although i enjoy a cup of coffee i don't depend and "need" it like i used to!

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Bakersfield, CA

At the end of November 2017, I saw a post on Instagram about a consultation with Reformed Metabolics. I had been going to various doctors convinced that my hormones were out of whack and kept getting the same answers: “according to your labs, you are good”; “you are still cycling regularly so there is nothing wrong”;  “try taking Ibuprofen to help with your symptoms at the onset of your cycle for 5 days”.  The bottom line for me was that I wanted to feel better so I booked the appointment with Jennifer. By the end of the first week (after the 4ish days of detox from sugar, bad carbs, wine, etc.) following a dietary protocol designed for me, I was feeling better-more energy, solid poop {can I get an amen?}, satisfied nutritionally and beginning to learn the true definition of rest. I’m still working on the rest thing but can honestly say that I have never felt better. My symptoms of cramping, moodiness, lethargy, cravings and more have altogether vanished. I can honestly say that I feel better beyond what I had hoped for and have gained a dear friend in Jennifer as an added bonus. I have learned how to care for myself and my family nutritionally and am thankful God crossed my path with Reformed Metabolics. 

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Bakersfield, CA

After a 15-year struggle with a myriad of health problems, I started working with Jennifer Woodward as a nutritionist. Her whole-body therapy really aligned with what I wanted to attempt in my search for optimal health. I have tried so many avenues to remedy my recurring bladder infections, fibromyalgia, sleeplessness, extreme bloating, abdominal pain, headaches, dizziness while exercising and the depression that I daily struggle with. It is overwhelming to constantly have doctors put you down or just tell you that what you are dealing with is going to be your new norm. They offered drugs to improve my moods and pain levels, which meant that I would be inviting new side effects and a lifelong dependency on masking my problems versus actually healing my body. I ate right, exercised regularly, and could not crawl out of the pit I felt I was in.

Over the course of the past 7 months, Jennifer has impressed me with her extensive knowledge of the human body. Her knowledge is vast and she easily disseminates all the medical terminology into an easily understandable explanation. I felt completely confident in her medical diagnosis of my test results, as she answered every question I had with extreme thoroughness. Most importantly, she has a zest for her profession that makes a person feel energized and excited to implement what she has researched to help each individual case. Jennifer would promptly email or text me (even when she was on vacation) if I had any questions about the food protocols I was on, supplement worries, or test procedure hiccups. I felt like I wanted to quit and just eat normally several times, and part of the reason I did not was because I knew she genuinely wanted me to feel better, continually doing research and offering insights to give me hope and energy to stay on course. She is not just a nutritionist -- she is also a coach, a cheerleader, and even a therapist, as we dug to unearth what my body needs to perform successfully on its own. I felt heard and validated that I was supposed to and could feel vastly better.

After seeing so many doctors, I truly didn't know what to expect from a nutritionist. Our first meeting gave me hope. Jennifer outlined an eating plan to start right away, followed by blood, stool, and urine test to gather data. I started an all-protein and above ground vegetable diet after our first visit, and it was incredibly difficult. Mrs. Woodward was constantly there to buoy me up and remind me of my goals. Through her care, she determined I had a parasite, adrenal fatigue, and a leaky gut. She also diagnosed me with FODMAPS. The hard thing about achieving optimal health is that there is no easy fix, which is why Jennifer's care is so important. It takes time and oversight. She checks in weekly to support -- and sometimes challenge -- me to really take care of myself. Because of her treatment I have not had a bladder infection in 6 months (they were happening every 6 weeks), and I have seen notable lessening in my other symptoms. Even some underlying emotional issues that I didn't realize were affecting my health were unwrapped in our sessions together. It has been a revelation to determine that my body can fix itself when it is given a proper plan of action. Jennifer Woodward has given me that action plan and I am grateful for her and the expertise she has provided me.

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Bakersfield, CA

For the last several years I struggled with just not feeling quite right in terms of my health. I've had a laundry list of symptoms that included daily headaches, monthly yeast infections, periods that would last for 15+ days, fatigue, bloating, hair loss, anemia, constipation, and itchy skin that would not stop itching until I literally drew blood. I ended up having a hysterectomy last year and had I found Jennifer sooner I might still have a uterus. (Not that I miss those periods though!)

After doing a lot of my own research I knew it had to be something I was putting into my own body but had no idea how or where to start to figure out what it was. So I went to see my primary care physician who would just wash over these issues with one explanation after another including saying "some people are just prone to it" and "you should eat completely vegan". Well, I refuse to believe that and decided to go another route.  So thankful I did.

My journey with Jennifer Woodward begins here. After hearing great things from a friend of mine who had been seeing Jennifer with great success I knew I had to try. I scheduled my first appointment with her and was at immediately blown away by her immense knowledge of health and the human body. She discussed with me at length my symptoms and laid out her amazing plan to get me back up to par!

After the first month on the new diet plan she made for me, I already felt 100% better. Now this diet is NOT for the faint at heart. I was pretty devastated when it did not include cake and cookies. And, after a bit of a mourning phase it was so worth it.

So worth it in fact that when month 2 came along and I got to add in a couple new foods, I was very hesitant! I had a good thing going and had come so far in terms mentally adjusting to my new way of life, I didn't want to screw it up! In addition to feeling better and almost all my symptoms resolving within just those 30 days I also did not get my monthly yeast infection! 

During this time we also conducted a food sensitivities test to see exactly what my body was reacting to. It was very enlightening! A few of the foods I could completely understand because I had issues with them the minute I would consume them. However, one in particular I never would have thought twice about. Soy. If you have ever read an ingredients label on a food product you probably know that soy is in EVERYTHING! So everything (or close to it) that I was eating before all this was messing me up! 

I went back and saw Jennifer for the final time, with nothing but rainbows and sunshine on my wellness path! Together we had broken the ugly downward cycle my body was going through. I am so happy to report that today, almost 8 months later, I have still yet to have an yeast infection (knock on wood) and am still feeling better everyday! Jennifer is not just an amazing dietitian but I like to think we became friends in the process. Her encouragement and excitement at my progress kept me motivated to stay on track! I will be forever grateful!

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Bakersfield, CA

My hormones were all over the place with hormonal migraines and very bad ovary pains. After an ultrasound and CT scan, Pelvic Congestion Syndrome (varicose veins on my left ovary) is thought to be the issue. Like varicose veins in the legs, as hormones fluctuate, the pain gets better or worse. Mine continued to be horribly painful for weeks at a time.

My hope was that I would be able to manage the pain through a change in diet and intentional eating allowing my hormones to reset and level out to levels that would decrease the pain and eleviate headaches if possible.

Taking coffee out of my diet completely was my biggest issue. I thought I woluld have to have it to keep up with my busy lifestyle. Turns out I don't actually need it! I feel like I have more energy now than when I was drinking coffee. Who knew?

After a couple of weeks, I would notice an occasional slight pain in my ovary but not nearly the amount I was having before. My energy levels are through the roof and I haven't had a migraine.

Jennifer's passion for women's health is contagious and she genuinely wants every woman to feel their best. She was attentive to my specific problems and worked with me on each one to help me with a solution to each concern. She was quick to help and very supportive of my individual concerns.

I can't thank you enough Jennifer for giving us the tools and setting us up for success in this 28 day hormonal reset. This exceeded my expectations far beyond what I hoped for. The meal planning and recipes were a huge benefit for me and my busy family. My husband and 3 children loved each of the meals and were excited for dinner every night. I too was excited as the meals were laid out before us and a grocery list had been provided. After 28 days, I now know how to fuel my body the way it was meant to be fueled and how it should perform. I hope many other woman take advantage of your knowledge and passion so they too can feel their best. The support has been phenomenal and I can't thank you enough!




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