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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

You guys know me.

You know how I love to wax poetic about meat. Women need it, children need it, men need it. Dogs and cats need it.

But every week, someone will ask me the following question:

"What if I don't like meat?"

I totally understand this. Not everyone likes meat, and many women have tummy issues after eating it. I would remiss if I did not remind you that this is most often because many women suffer from hypochlorydia, or low stomach acid. Without enough stomach acid, you will have trouble digesting anything, let alone the dense protein that is meat.

Honestly, meat should be the easiest thing to digest. Meat should not be fermentable. It should move through the gut quickly and be digested and assimilated easily. If this does not happen for you, experiment with some digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid.

But sometimes, we have to start at the beginning. Someone who experiences chronic health concerns, especially those of the digestive capacity, needs help with the basic processes of breaking food down.

Here is my favorite way to begin this process. Digestive #enzymes and a powerful #probiotic make an excellent starting point for efficient digestion.

Another tip for someone who has chronic digestive problems: stay away from raw vegetables and fruit. I know this seems backwards with our current popular raw-plant-based dietary culture, but all of that roughage and fiber is stressing your digestive system, I promise.

Cook your foods, like you would for a small child. Focus on things like steamed or roasted veggies instead of raw, and add plenty of #butter, ghee, or coconut oil to aid in digestion. Chew your food until it is liquid, and use the probiotics and enzymes to assist with this process.

Note: pulverizing fruits and veggies in the blender make them much easier to digest as they are broken down before they hit your tummy!

If you choose to eat meat, cook it well by braising, poaching, steaming, or baking it. Slow cooking meat is an excellent way to prepare your protein. The flavors are excellent, too!

But for those of you who do not want to do bacon, sausage, or chicken in the morning, you can certainly use this smoothie #recipe.

I call it a Balancing Smoothie because that is what it does- it balances out your blood sugar. The more I study, read, and practice, the more I am convinced that dysregulated #bloodsugar is the cause of most of our problems.

All of the fat in the smoothie will keep your blood sugar stable for hours. You have heard it said, and the saying is true: Fat does not make you #fat!

You can add anything else on the list to your smoothie base. If you are relatively healthy, enjoy a few servings of fruit in your smoothie. However, if your digestion is off, or if you suffer from other forms of ill health, stick with avocado, nuts and seeds and their butters, cacao nibs, or matcha powder. You can add a bit of #stevia for sweetness, or a bit of D-Ribose for #energy.

If you make it, tag me in your Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see your creations, and how you feel afterwards!

The collagen powder gives you plenty of easy-to-digest protein. Be sure to use it for optimal nutrition and energy.

My favorite combination is the following:

coconut milk





cacao nibs

chocolate stevia

It is so soothing to my tummy and gives me plenty of energy for a long morning!

I hope you enjoy it.

To your health,



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