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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

In a few weeks, Nourished Girl will officially launch.

I've been working with burnt out moms for years now, and I love to spend time with them as we work on their health goals. As they start to feel better, they realize how great nutrition has been positively affecting their own bodies and they start to get curious about how they can better attend to the health of their families.

One of the questions I am asked most often is: "What should my kids be eating?". Moms want to know if their kids should exercise. They want to know how much protein their daughters should be having. They want to know if certain period symptoms are normal for their girls or not.

I have been meeting with younger women and their moms for about a year now, and I felt like I should consolidate all of my material to give my mamas the best information possible so that they can nourish their daughters even better.

That program is called Nourished Girl, and it's a bit radical.

I'm encouraging your girls to eat meat in a world that's got a politically charged bias against eating animals.
I'm encouraging your girls to prioritize sleep over sports.
I'm encouraging your girls to eat large and nourishing meals full of fat and protein instead of snacking like a bird all day.

And I'll back it up with the science, of course!

If you know me, you know that I am big on ancestral nutrition principles.

I approach it in more of a modern way, though. I won't tell you to feed your kids raw liver or run naked in the sunshine.

I just say ancestral nutrition as an antithesis against modern nutrition principles that are being marketed toward our daughters.

Some of these include:

constant snacking
screen addiction
packaged food
productivity over sleep

I reject all of it for our daughters, and I ask you to come along for the ride.

Instead of allowing our kids to become a statistic, let's work together to create a nourishing environment inside their bodies and outside of their bodies.

I see young women weekly that suffer greatly from hormonal issues, weight instability, skin problems, sleep issues, anxiety, and depression.

Not on my watch!

A healthy mind and body start with proper building blocks. It's pretty basic, really.

Young women need:

Animal Fats
Fresh Air

And I'll help you with it all. I have a daughter. I know that it's helpful to have someone besides mom encourage her in one area or another.

So, that's what we will do.

You'll have me for 45 minutes each week as we go through the class material. This is done through our private Facebook group. You and your baby girl can grab some tea or hot chocolate, get in your jammies, and join me weekly for live teaching on the following areas:

  • Protein, Fat, and Carbs

  • A Nourishing Plate

  • Body Image

  • Periods

  • Hydration

  • Screens And Social

  • Mental Health

  • Stress Management

  • Snacking

  • I'm an Athlete

  • Girls in the Kitchen

Each week, you and your daughter will also be working through some fun and interactive activity pages. We will go through these at the beginning of each subsequent week's sessions.

You'll have plenty of yummy recipes to try together for the duration of the program, and there will be lots of great talking points for the two of you during the week.

This program is written from a Creationist point of view, and there will be Scripture references included so the two of you can meditate on God's view of health as you collectively seek to work on yours.

Here's an example of an activity from the program:

That's our first, and most basic activity. During the month, activities will get more complex and interesting as we dive deeper into health.

Nourished Girl is set up for girls 9-18 and their moms. I would love to answer any questions you have about the program. It's 197$ and includes daily support on our private Facebook group.

To your family's health,



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