Healthy Super Bowl Menu

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

What are you doing for Super Bowl?

If you are in charge of feeding people at home or away, I've got you covered!

Of course, most of us #indulge in nachos and wings and other #fun party food, but here is a #menu that is just as satisfying and not a small bit healthier than your average sports bar snacks.

Being from California, we should be rooting on the 49ers, but my husband and son are pulling for a Chiefs' victory. They are both still bummed their beloved Raiders aren't representing in the big game.

I'll be making a few of these recipes to tote over to our dear friends' home.

They are easy to make at home and transport, as I show you here:

Let me know if you make any, too. I would love to hear!

Here are the recipes from the video:

If you are more of a protein person (hello, Type O's and B's!), here are a few recipes for you.

Don't forget the sweets!

These are recipes for a crowd, and the no-bake cookies call for a cup of regular dairy milk. You can substitute coconut milk if your family is dairy free.

But the rest of the recipes are nutrient-dense, whole-foods based, easy ways to feed lots of people good + healthy food. I hope the recipes help you.

Enjoy the big game!


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