Healthy Super Bowl Menu

Updated: Jul 6

What are you doing for Super Bowl?

If you are in charge of feeding people at home or away, I've got you covered!

Of course, most of us #indulge in nachos and wings and other #fun party food, but here is a #menu that is just as satisfying and not a small bit healthier than your average sports bar snacks.

Being from California, we should be rooting on the 49ers, but my husband and son are pulling for a Chiefs' victory. They are both still bummed their beloved Raiders aren't representing in the big game.

I'll be making a few of these recipes to tote over to our dear friends' home.

They are easy to make at home and transport, as I show you here:

Let me know if you make any, too. I would love to hear!

Here are the recipes from the video:

If you are more of a protein person (hello, Type O's and B's!), here are a few recipes for you.

Don't forget the sweets!

These are recipes for a crowd, and the no-bake cookies call for a cup of regular dairy milk. You can substitute coconut milk if your family is dairy free.

But the rest of the recipes are nutrient-dense, whole-foods based, easy ways to feed lots of people good + healthy food. I hope the recipes help you.

Enjoy the big game!




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