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Updated: Jul 6

I like to create things. I rarely do anything of my own inspiration, but I am good at finding adorable things and copying them. I used to stock local stores and random places on the internet with ring slings for babies. I like to embroider, and sew, and quilt, and make tschotskes. You may have been a recipient of the lavender rice wrap gifting of 2017. Thank you for being kind when you unwrapped my weird gift. I love you.

This year, Rebecca and I are joining forces to make fun handmade gifts for family and friends. I know you would probably rather have a Target gift card, but I appreciate the smile you give me when you unwrap my almost-symmetrical quilt. You, dear, are the best.

For those of you who would rather stalk Amazon for deals, I have some pretty awesome healthy holiday gifts for you!

Because I also like to buy things.

Spoonk Mat

The Spook mat is a terrifyingly enjoyable way to physically relax. When you get over the fact that a bunch of tiny pointy things are poking into your back and butt, you actually start to sink into the mat and enjoy the accupressure points that are being stimulated.

"The Spoonk Mat works on the simple principle of acupressure - the healing art known as the Shiatsu massage. By stimulating increased circulation with 6210 acupressure points on problematic areas, you relieve muscle tension and pain, while at the same time rejuvenating and rebalancing the whole body" (source).

One time at Bible study, I made everyone feel it. It got mixed reviews. I like to use it when my body and mind feel overstimulated and I haven't had any time alone with my thoughts for a day or two. You literally cannot do anything else except lay there, so it is a great way to relax body and mind. Mine is pink!


I am giving out GABA at a Favorite Things party this December because I love it so much! GABA is an amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, our happiness neurotransmitter. What a great stocking stuffer for anyone you know who suffers from anxiety or stress.

I use GABA almost everyday for myself and with clients. When you are physically or mentally stressed out, it is a helpful way to feel relaxed. The effects are dose-dependent, and you don't want to take too much (it won't harm you if you do, but slow titration is always a good policy. Start with 1 [125mg] tablet and work up).

It took me a few months to realize I needed about 4 (125 mg) tablets to feel the effects. Lower doses don't work for me. They may for you, though! Again, start slow.

Julia Ross, a personal hero of mine and amino acid expert, says the following:

"Among other things, GABA relaxes the nerves in the muscles in the body. One of the most common kinds of feedback that we get from people who are doing a GABA trial is that it seems to take effect so quickly. This may be because, unlike tryptophan, which has to be converted into serotonin, GABA is the neurotransmitter and the amino acid all in one and requires no conversion (source).

Get the exact supplement listed above. I have tried many a GABA and this is the best one.

If you have questions about dosing or safety, get ahold of me for a personalized supplement consultation.

Lavender Rice Wrap

These things were bears to make a few years ago. There was rice everywhere. I mean, everywhere. But I still use mine all of the time, and my kids love for me to heat them up a rice wrap when they are under the weather, chilly, sleepless, or experiencing menstrual cramps (only Rebecca Sky, obvs!)

You can save yourself a few trips to the rice aisle at Sam's Club and lots of sweeping and vacuuming by grabbing one on Amazon.

I love to wrap mine around my neck when I am sore or tired or around my abdomen when I am cramping. I also love heating one or two of these up and tucking them into the bottom of my sheets before bed so when I get in, the bed is nice and toasty on a cold winter's night! I gave them as teacher's gifts and I still have teachers telling me that they use the wrap on the regular.

Weighted Blanket

Like the rice wrap, weighted blankets use force and heat to induce relaxation. When you feel anxious, panicky, and ungrounded, weighted blankets can help. Use it to get a great night's sleep or just to relax under while you read a great book by the fire. Kids love these, too!

Equa Glass Water Bottle

I am mildly obsessed with adorable water bottles. This one will always be my favorite, but sometimes I need my water bottle to close tightly.

I got the cutest one at Nordstrom Rack- a 32 oz glass bottle with fake crystals in the lid. If you think this seems excessive, you're probably right. But darned if that water bottle isn't so adorable!

I like glass water bottles, but the risk is always the possibility of breakage. This Equa bottle comes with a felt sleeve. How cute is that?

Stay hydrated, my friends.

After reading Dr. Batman's classic book on water this week, I am even more convinced that hydration is key.

28 Day Reset

If all of these wellness-pursuing gifts still aren't enough to get you in the healthy holiday spirit, there is always my 28 Day Reset.

Sure, women lose weight (sometimes over 15 pounds in a month!), but they also sleep better, have more energy, and are nicer to their husband and kids. I am not making that up. And don't worry. You don't eat meat all day long. It is a super balanced and simple plan!

If you click here, you will get a super secret Black Friday Code to join the January 28 Day Reset and get a free 45 minute clinic session with me. This was a very popular offering in September and my ladies loved it! It's an extra gift for you so that you can be as successful as possible on your Reset! This is a great gift for yourself or a loved one.

Email or DM if you have any questions. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and happy shopping!




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