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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Why is a good night's sleep so elusive for so many of us? I can't think of a worse torture than enduring night after night of insomnia. It's so frustrating to lay there, obsessing about the fact that you will be exhausted tomorrow. I've been there. It's the worst.

So I created this quick free guide for you.

Don't overthink your sleep. When I was going through the 9-month hell of insomnia I suffered after my third baby was born, I would think and think and think about ways to just sleep.

Now I know better. My hormones were completely imbalanced after having three babies and a miscarriage in four years. My progesterone had tanked, my cortisol had spiked, and my thyroid was wonky. I was anxious and panicked and moody and frankly, terrified. I thought I would never sleep well again.

In time, I did. I visited three different doctors, begging for help. I was offered anti-depressants, Xanax, and sleeping pills. Even then, I knew that was not going to actually fix my problem, so I refused and retreated back into my sad little sleepless hobbit hole.

If I had to do it over again, I would focus on the following:

balancing my blood sugar
optimizing my magnesium
getting my B vitamins
taking a moment daily to think and process

This guide won't change your life, but it will give you actionable, practical steps to start today so that you can sleep better tonight. They are the first-tier line of defense I use with clients who suffer from insomnia. Often times, these tricks take care of their sleep issues within a week. Other times, we have to dig a little deeper.

Give yourself time and grace. I pray this helps!


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