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Sometimes I get burnt out with one of my passions- research- and like to indulge one of my other passions- window shopping on Amazon.

And from the data I get back from my blog posts, I'm not alone!

You guys like it too. Kindred spirits, we are.

So after a busy week of work and travel, let's just have some fun.

Let's enjoy a few perfectly snuggly fall finds from Amazon as we hold our collective breath and wait for the weather to change.

I got two three packs. These feel like a necessary indulgence because these dishes ain't going to wash themselves, you feel me?

Every time I go to the kitchen sink, a pump of this heavenly fall-ish dish soap releases the subtle, spicy, dreamy scents of clove and cinnamon and vanilla. While that combination can sometimes be a little overpowering, Mrs. Meyers hits the perfect scent notes as usual. And the soap is easy on sensitive hands. And noses! I've got enough to last until Thanksgiving, which was the plan all along.

This is the OG pumpkin pie spice. Try as they may, other brands just don't have the perfect combination of spicy and earthy and nuanced and delicious as the Trader Joe's mix does. Please don't buy this on Amazon if you live anywhere near a Trader Joe's- if it's in stock, it's only $1.99 in the store. But if you don't, and you have disposable income this month, spend the ridiculous $17 for two of these.

I put a sprinkle of the Trader Joe's spice blend in my water every day. Above, I've shared the recipe for my Electrolyte Booster. It will keep you hydrated and peppy throughout your morning and afternoon slump. If you're like, what's inositol?- it's a B vitamin that chills you out and is a great afternoon supplement. It's especially helpful if you suffer from menstrual cycle-related anxiety.

Of course, if you drink coffee, Pumpkin Pie spice is a natural addition to your mix. Even if you drink black coffee, you can add a pinch of this blend as you brew your beans. Or sprinkle a bit on the bottom of your mug before you pour your coffee in there.

You can mix it into a bit of coconut whipped cream and throw some blackberries on top, or dust some on top of a banana, then freeze it.

It would also be great lightly sprinkled over my Butternut Apple Soup.


Daily Ritual is Amazon's brand and it's fantastic. I picked up this long sleeve T in black (naturally!), navy, and charcoal. They are not too thick and not too thin- an excellent layering piece or stand alone. I'm 5'11" and they are long enough on me. This is unusual and highly appreciated. I don't want any mom stomach showing!

At about 20$ each, they are a great fall staple.

I'm over my FitBit. I no longer want an Apple Watch. I just want a stinking watch to tell me the stinking time. I got a little obsessive about my steps and my heart rate and my workout intervals with my FitBit and my brain needed a break.

So I got this adorable Timex. It tells the time. Even in the dark. Swanky! I wanted an inexpensive watch because I am a mom and my stuff constantly gets dirty or broken. It's not a Rolex (minus), but it is approximately $19,969 dollars cheaper than a Rolex (plus). That's a win in my book.

Plus you can get these interchangeable watch straps. How cute are those?

Olive is my favorite fall color. It's a great moody neutral, so I'm keeping the olive strap on. Though let's be honest, a few straps are in my cart already. #patience.

I wear this daily. After scoring it at a friend's Favorite Things Christmas party (best party invention ever!), I haven't been without it.

You swipe in on once, and it stays on all day. Seriously. Without rubbing away on the middle of your lips, leaving the appearance of a heavy lipliner that is inadvertently super 90s.

One coat is all you need. When I put on a second coat, it does start rubbing away. I've got three other colors as well, including a gorgeous red:

and a moody dark:

but I come back to Lover every time.

In conclusion

Shimmy into your silky soft new T, swipe on some moody and alluring lip color, and take off your cute watch while you sip your Electrolyte Boost and do your kids' breakfast dishes.

It's fall, my dears.




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