• CFS

  • brain fog

  • food sensitivities

  • afternoon slump

"My energy levels are good on a regular basis and no supplements needed for energy which I love!

I have energy at 4pm. It used to be that at 4 pm, I would be in a terrible mood. I have seen a huge change here in the last few months."


"When the sun wakes me up, I just get up now. I am not tired at all". 




While I won't take weight-loss only clients anymore because hormonal balance must be the focus for safe weight loss, many of my clients have amazing  weight loss results as they work to nourish and balance their bodies

Over the course of 3 months, I lost 28.5 pounds!!! It's been 7 months, a birthday, 3 major holidays, and multiple vacations since then and I have gained 3 of those pounds back. I've gone down 3-4 pant sizes (depends on the brand). My energy levels are up, my aches and pains are down, my libido is up, and I have a better handle on my cravings".


"I'm still finishing up the first three months but already down 24 pounds! The first two months were down 20 pounds so it’s slowed a little bit it is all worth the effort and the results are real! My energy levels are good on a regular basis and no supplements needed for energy which I love."


"I'm fluctuating between 12-15 pounds lost this month".


Digestive Issues

  • GERD

  • Bloating

  • Gas

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • SIBO

  • parasites

  • infection

  • gastroparesis

"My digestion is so much better now, and I don't

get stomachaches when I eat breakfast or lunch anymore!"

It’s very sustainable and I can continue that for the rest of my life. And I get to indulge once in a while. I learned how to relax so body can function properly. And most importantly, I go to the bathroom daily!!!"


I can't wait until the morning to poop. I'm having really good bowel movements".



Sleep Problems

  • insomnia

  • unable to stay asleep

  • night sweats

  • racing thoughts

  • unable to fall asleep

  • early morning waking

  • heart palpitations

"Three nights of good sleep!"


"And I am in love with my sleep! I’ve never slept better!"


"What is funny is that I literally am having dreams at night. When I wasn't sleeping, I wasn't getting into deep sleep. I 'm so excited that I can sleep through the night, in a dead-out sleep."


"I put on some shorts that fit last summer and was reminded of what losing 30 pounds looks like".



"I chose Jen because I want science and testing to back up the changes I was afraid to make. I loved being thin, I loved my diet and lifestyle but I didn’t have a period and no drug was helping maintain a cycle or helping my fertility. I wanted to get pregnant, but I thankfully I left with a lifestyle that was truly nourishing. The Dutch test revealed the years of damage I had done. We tackled my hormone imbalances created by 12+ year eating disorder together. She is a hormone geek and backed up question after question with science. I’d often ask for articles and resources and she would have them readily available. I love plans, checklists and goals. I wasted no time with Jens DRESS protocol. The first 5 months were brutal as my body was rerouting hormone pathways. I texted Jen daily with doubts and questions. But I was confident and completely committed to the plan. I got my first period at 25, only a few months into the plan and I was ECSTATIC. 10 months later I read a positive pregnancy test. As an unexpected bonus, her knowledge greatly prepared me for pregnancy and postpartum. I have a period, a baby and a very happy husband ;) "